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Come and join The Democracy Box!

Become a paid young co-creator

We are recruiting more young co-creators aged 16-26 who are born or based in Wales.

This is an ongoing open call out with no fixed deadline.

Are you:

  • Aged 16-26 year old?
  • Based or born in Wales?
  • Spend at least 2 hours a day on social media?
  • Want to get creative?
  • Want to earn £15 an hour?

Then apply today.

No experience, knowledge or interest in Democracy/Politics is required.

This is NOT about party politics.

Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16-26 born or based in Wales. We want to hear from you if you:

  • Are interested in being creative and creating content across multi-media platforms
  • Hate or love politics
  • Have never voted/Have always voted/Will never vote/Think it’s all a waste of time/Don’t even know what the word democracy means/Believe strongly in democracy/Are not registered to vote/Are registered to vote/ Are not into politics/Are extremely political and everything in between
  • Want to join the team of young co-creatives creating The Democracy Box content on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter & YouTube
  • Want to be a Democracy Box Ambassador
  • Got some better ideas of how to explain this stuff to people and get The Democracy Box more followers?

No former creative experience or political/democracy knowledge required.

We welcome all applications and encourage everyone aged 16-26 born or based anywhere in Wales to apply.

We would also particularly like to receive applications from young people who are:

  • Welsh speakers
  • 16-17
  • identify as Black/non-black person of colour/Disabled/D/deaf

When and where is it?

The work will be remote, flexible and part-time.

You need access to the internet and a device.

There will be an introductory training session on zoom.

How much will I get paid?

The hourly rate is £15 an hour.

All young co-creators are guaranteed a minimum of 4 hours work. This is flexible contract work. Hours & days beyond the initial 4 hours are negotiable. All young co-creators have the opportunity to put themselves forward for additional paid opportunities for in-person and online events.

You will be contracted as a self-employed person and will be responsible for declaring your earnings to HMRC and paying your own tax and national insurance.

This is an ongoing call out and there is no fixed deadline for applications. However to be included in the next round of training you will need to apply by November 1 2023.

How do I apply?

The application form is just below.

Before you fill it in please look at The Democracy Box and The Story of our UK Democracy and then on the application form below:

  • Tell us your idea. Video / audio response 3 min max. Written response 1000 words max.
  • Provide your details.
Application form
  • Introduction
  • Your details
  • Permission
    • Referee


    Why are you applying? What matters to you? What makes you happy/annoyed/frustrated?

    Beyond the Ballot Box

    Download the full report here.

    The Democracy Box

    Blasting the lid off the shame of not knowing this stuff.

    The Democracy Box involves young people aged 16-26 being paid as co-creators to explore and develop new ways to explain the basics of our democracy for other young people, old people and everyone in between all year round and not just in the run up to an election.

    #TDB #BeBoldBeBraveBeEducated #NoShameNoBlame

    What is the Democracy Box

    The Democracy Box aims to promote understanding of our UK democracy and achieve a shared basic level of understanding by the majority of the population.

    The Democracy Box is about young people finding new creative ways to share The Story of our UK Democracy That Every Citizen Should Know In Seven Short Chapters so that all young people, old people and everyone in between can understand our UK democracy and can take part.

    Our UK democracy needs all citizens to be informed, actively encouraged to get involved and to understand that it is their democratic right to challenge, question, protest, shape, critique, debate and influence our democracy all year round and not just at the ballot box.

    The Democracy Box works with young people aged 16-26, born or based in Wales, as paid co-creators. It has developed four prototypes which seek to increase democratic participation and provide information about the UK’s democratic system and structures.

    Who represents you? Find them all here


    Find out how your MP is representing you in Westminster